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- Season 1 Episode 2 -

Episode 2

Fearless Episode list image Fearless season 1 episode 2

Season 1, Episode 2

Released from prison following the retrial, Kevin faces a barrage of abuse from the public and even his own son, Jason, calls him a murderer. Only local MP and Westminster's new golden boy Matthew Wild is able to talk the mob down, and with no other option, Emma is forced to take Kevin to her own house. DCI Nicholas Staines is running the new investigation into Linda's murder, and gives Emma and Dominic footage of a police interview with Tony Pullings, the man who took photos of Linda. In the interview, Pullings reveals that he paid Kevin to let him use the school to take the photos, and even gave Kevin a set of the pictures. Seeing the case crumbling before her eyes, Emma confronts Kevin about the photos.Meanwhile, Heather Myles arrives in England and pays Cambridge Master Sir Alistair McKinnon a visit. She wants as much information as possible from him on Emma and learns she has been a person of interest to MI5 and 6 for years. Heather tells DCS Greenwood that she can help with the case against Yusef.

Year started: 2017
IMDB rating: 7.1
Categories: Drama
Stars: Helen McCrory  Jonathan Forbes  Sam Swainsbury  Rebecca Callard  Wunmi Mosaku 

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