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- Season 1 Episode 1 -

Episode 1

Investigative journalist Paul Connolly goes undercover to reveal Britain's booming black market trade in designer clothes, dodgy medicines and dangerous booze. Everyone loves a bargain, and in the first episode Paul reveals how those cheap, knock-off labels come at a price – with the trail going all the way to organised gangs, sweat shop bosses and multi-million pound criminal operations. He also takes viewers behind the scenes of his investigation, allowing us to see just what it takes to trap Britain's dodgiest street dealers and craftiest criminals. Paul begins by looking at designer brands and the market traders making a fortune with fakes – everything from luxury handbags to designer clothes are available. And if the sellers haven't got what you want, they can conjure up a counterfeit on the spot. He goes shopping in streets packed full of dodgy shops, hunts the bosses churning out fake brands in factories and finds people running illegal cottage industries from their homes. If it's got a label, someone will want to buy it. Paul later switches his target to dealers in illegal medicines, tracking down the bloke who flogs copycat Viagra from the back of a car in a pub car park. As the stakes get higher, Paul makes plans to confront a senior figure in an operation producing huge amounts of illegal alcohol. Posing as a buyer for thousands of pounds worth of vodka, Paul's got one chance to make the sting a success – or he risks being rumbled.

Year started: 2014
Categories: Documentary
Stars: Paul Connolly 

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